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Serving all communities between and along Hwy 59 and Hwy 75 South of Winnipeg

  • Arnaud

  • Dominion City

  • Dufrost

  • Grande Pointe

  • Grunthal

  • Ile des Chenes

  • Kleefeld

  • La Rochelle

  • Lorette

  • Lowe Farm

  • Morris

  • New Bothwell

  • Niverville

  • Otterburne

  • Rosa

  • Roseau River

  • Sarto

  • Ste. Agathe

  • St. Adolphe

  • St. Jean Baptiste

  • St. Malo

  • St. Pierre-Jolys

  • Tolstoi

  • Vita

Our Service

Celebrate the Holidays and use our FREE designated driver program to get you AND your vehicle home!


Get that warm fuzzy feeling this Holiday Season! Volunteer with Operation Red Nose St. Malo.



You can help get thousands of Manitobans home safely by making a donation to Operation Red Nose St. Malo!


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Reach out anytime to be a sponsor, volunteer, or to tell us in advance about your party.


Our Service

Operation Red Nose is a FREE designated driver program to get you AND your vehicle home safe during the Holiday Season!

Call our Red Nose dispatch line 204-347-5518 and schedule a time for a volunteer drive team to bring you home. Two of the drive team members will drive you and your guests home in your vehicle while the third member follows in the team escort vehicle. When you arrive at your drop-off location, the team will reunite and continue to their next assignment.

Our dispatchers will ask you questions to schedule your ride, like:

Operation Red Nose is a designated driver program; we take YOU home in YOUR vehicle.

The more information you can give us the better; it helps us find you and your vehicle at busy Holiday parties and get-togethers.

Two drive team volunteers will drive you home in your vehicle and we need to make sure there is enough room for everyone. If your car has five seat belts, that means you have room for the two drive team volunteers, yourself and two friends. If there are three friends with you; we’ll try to figure out how to make it work with you.

Please help us find you by providing accurate information. If you are in a public place; such as a bar or restaurant, the name will work just fine. If you are at a private party at your friend’s house, please give us the address – house number and all.

We usually don’t call when we are on our way, but it does help if we are having difficulty finding you in a busy bar or Christmas party. Our dispatcher may ask to change your pick up time depending on the night.

Keep an eye out for the drive team by watching for two or three people wearing the iconic red vests. Many times you will find them before they find you.

Telephone lines are open from 9 pm to 2 am on ride nights.

First to call are the first in the queue.

Planning a party? Contact us before your event to give us a heads-up, so we know how many volunteers we’ll need.


Volunteer Positions

The Operation Red Nose service is provided by a team of three volunteers: the escort driver, the client driver and the navigator are the three members of the team. An additional team member can be added to keep the escort driver company during the ride along.

Escort driver – 18 years old minimum
Volunteer who uses their personal vehicle to drive the volunteer driver and the navigator to the location where the client is waiting.

Client driver – 21 years old minimum
Volunteer who drives the client’s vehicle.

Navigator – 18 years old minimum
Volunteer who rides along with the volunteer driver and the client in the client’s vehicle.

Dispatchers – 16 years old minimum
Volunteers who stay inside the Headquarters as dispatchers on the phone and maintain headquarters.

On the night of your shift with Operation Red Nose:

  • Bring your valid Class 5 driver’s licence (for escort drivers and drivers);
  • Bring your proof of vehicle insurance (for escort drivers).
  • Dress warmly
  • Arrive at Headquarters before 7:45pm in the Saint-Malo Parish sacristy, side door entrance, 5 St. Malo Street.

Email ornstmalo@gmail.com or call/text 204-712-6041 to chat with our Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Application Form

Become a Sponsor

We invite your organization to be part of this community initiative in four possible ways:

1. Through a financial donation, your logo will be posted on our Facebook page and potentially printed on campaign advertising materials. See sponsor options below.

Posted on ORN St. Malo Facebook Page Listed in Press Release Logo in Dawson Trail Dispatch Ad Logo in the Carillion Print Ad Mentioned on Golden West Radio Stations Logo on Volunteer Vests In-Studio/
On-Air Press Package
Group Ride Night


























E-transfers and logos emailed to st-malo@operationrednose.com or cheques payable to St. Malo Parish, Box 69, St. Malo, MB R0A 1T0.

2. In-kind donations.


  • Meals, snacks, beverages, or fuel gift cards for our volunteers;
  • Promotional giveaways for our clients and volunteers;
  • Advertise our ride nights through your platforms (social media, signage, website).

3. Organize a group of employees for an exclusive volunteer night.
In return, we will promote your evening on our Facebook page or radio.

4. Use our ride services for your holiday party.
Tell us the date and location and we will plan for safe rides for your employees.

Please confirm your corporate commitment before Friday, October 13, 2023 and tell us about your holiday function!

Operation Red Nose St-Malo is organized by the St-Malo Parish of which the financial benefits are dedicated to community, youth, and sport. Together, let us take the reins for our safety and support of our community.

Charmaine Gosselin – Coordinator, Operation Red Nose St. Malo
204-746-4773 | st-malo@operationnezrouge.com

Contact Us


St. Malo Parish Sacristy
5 St. Malo Street, Box 69
St. Malo, MB  R0A 1T0

All Inquiries


Ride night dispatch line

9 pm to 2 am